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Family Photography


  1. What kind of pictures do you take? I am up for mostly anything but my main focuses are on family, children, maternity, couples/engagements, and group portraits.

  2. What is a Natural Light Photographer? A natural light Photographer uses the lighting around them only, no extra flashes, no bounces. Your session will not look like a magazine photo shoot with a million different pieces of equipment. It will be intimate. Do to this, I do not take photos indoors or in low lighting and the quality of your pictures will depend on the natural lighting. Also rain will be a hinderance and might even cancel the session if it's not avoidable. 

  3. What if it rains? Do to the nature of my Photography style. Rain can be an issue. Please do not overbook yourself with other things so your session can be rescheduled around the weather. If not it WILL be canceled. 

  4. Do you take wedding pictures? Only under very special circumstances. Contact me for more info.

  5. Are all photos edited when I get them or do I need to choose certain photos that I want edited? I will upload all the photographs from your session to a gallery with a basic edit done to them. Then you will get to choose the 5,10,or 20 (depending on the package you purchase) that you would like to keep. Those will get the full edit. .

  6. Do the full sized photos also come with a print release? Yes, they do come with a print release so you can do with them as you please.

  7. Do you travel outside of the Marion county area? Yes, I do travel further then 30 minutes from Marion County. But  there will be a travel fee depending on distance. Contact me for more info. 

  8. Is there a deposit? Yes. The deposit is 50% at the time of booking through Square. For a full refund you must cancel within 48 hours of your session. This only applies to cancellations, you can move your session to another available date/time with no penalty.

  9. How long does it take to get our photos back? Since they are all fully edited, it will take between 1-3 weeks depending on the type of session. 

  10. Do you mind being given a shot list of what we would like to have? No, feel free to send me any shots that you would like me to try and replicate.

  11. What should we wear? This is a case by case basis question, please ask me if this is something you are worrying about. But two all around don't are; 1) not everyone wear white, the FL sun will made the white to bright. 2) no small designs like pinstripes or plaid. It causes an illusion.

  12. Why are the group sessions and portrait sessions different prices? Group sessions take a lot more time to make perfect. Between getting them in the right poses and editing closed eyes, frowns, turned heads etc... 

  13. Can my Mom take pictures too so we can get something to share quicker? Most photographers do not allow this. Reasoning is so you don't take the pictures and then not buy the photos from them. Even though your photos are included in your packages I still do not allow it and it is written into your contract. Reason being, I have to pay more attention to them bring behind me then getting your pictures right.  

  14. Can I buy all the pictures unedited for cheaper? No. these pictures are a representation of me and I do not allow them out of my site until they are perfect for viewing. No one wants an un-frosted cake ;)

  15. Do I get to choose my own photos? Yes I will give you a gallery filled with photos from your session with basic edits done to them and you can choose your photos from there and then I will do the full edit on your final choices. You will have 1 month from the time of the initial photo reveal to choose your portraits. If you can not make this deadline please let me know otherwise I will pick your final memories for you. 

  16. Will there be surprise fee's that are not listed on your site? Nope, no hidden fees. Everything is included in the package price (within area) even your print release. ** Prices include your travel fees North of the FL Turnpike and south of Ocala. For locations South of the Turnpike or Ocala and north I do require at least the 10 photo package and a $50 travel fee. 

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